Club Competitions 2015

The Texas Scramble scheduled for Wednesday 30th December has been cancelled

2015 Competition Results

Dawson Johnston Cups

EOS Stableford – 17th October

Ladies EOS Stableford – 15th October

Mid week Medal – 14th October

Ladies October Weekend Medal 2 – 10th October

R Stewart Cup 11th October

Ladies Stableford Choice – 8th October

T S Burn – 4th October

Medal – 3rd October

Ladies Medal – 3rd October

Ladies October Medal – 1st October

Chaytor Bowl – 26th September

Ladies September Stableford – 24th September

Ladies DM Taylor Vase – 20th September

Help for Heroes Medal – 20th September

Northern Goldsmiths – 19th September

Ladies Charity Cup – 17th September

Mid Week Medal – 16th September

Macdonald Salvers – 13th September

Ladies Greenfield Cup – 12th September

Ladies Past Captains – 11th September

Jean Wood Vets – 10th September

Seniors’ Championship – 9th September

Medal – 6th September

Invitation Day 3 – 5th September

Ladies September Medal – 3rd September

Mid Week Medal – 2nd September

Chronicle Cups – 2015 Result

Members Cup – Division 1

Members Cup – Division 2

Edgar Cup – 29th August

Ladies end of August Medal – 27th August

M A Strong 23rd – August

Mid Week Medal – 19th August

Medal – 16th August

Ladies Fun Competition – 13th August

Invitation Day – 12th August

Mixed Foursomes Cups – 9th August

Club Championship – 8th August

Ladies Club Championship – 8th August

9 Hole Stableford – 31st July

Ladies Millenium Salvers

Mid Week Medal – 5th August

Presidents Cup – 2nd August

Ladies Presidents Cup – 2nd August

Ladies Past Captains Cup – 1st August

Ladies End July Medal

Mid Week Medal – 29th July

Barker Stoddart Cups – 25th July

Ladies H F Mole – 23rd July

Ladies Ruby Watson – 23rd July

Ladies’ Henderson Thursby JUGS – 19th July

Ladies Daily Mail Foursomes – 16th July

Medal Sponsored by Srixon – 18th July

Mid Week Medal – 15th July

Calcutta Cup Knockout 2015

H F Mole – 12th July

Ladies Cestria Shield – 9th July

Mid week Medal – 8th July

Captain’s Day – 4th July 2015

Ladies Brenda Michael Cup – 5th July

Ladies July Medal – Gross

Ladies July Medal – Nett

Gibson Hermitage Cups – 27th June

Ladies Hassall Homes – 25th June

Mid Week Medal – 24th June

Seniors Centenary Cup – 22nd June

Ladies Captains Result – 20th June

Lindsley Cup – 21st June

Ladies Horner Cup – 18th June

Mid Week Medal 18th – June

Texas Scramble Captains Charity 13th June

Medal – 14th June

Ladies Fed Ping Cup – 11th June

Mid Week Medal – 10th June

Gelson Cup – 6th June

Ladies Medal – 4th June

Medal Bogey – 30th May

Little Miss Designer – 28th May

Invitation Day – 24th May

Johnson Cup – 23rd May

Lawton Rosebowl – 21st May

Medal – 20th May

Medal – 17th May

Ladies Rhoda Richardson – 16th May

Ladies Volvo – 14th May

Mid Week Medal – 13th May

Ladies May Lowery – 7th May

Medal 2nd – May

Ladies Medal – 30th April

Mid Week Medal – 29th April

Mixed 4BBB – 26th April

Medal (EGU Qualifier) – 25th April

Ladies Coronation Foursomes – 23rd April

Wilburtor Bowl – 19th April

Ladies MacMillan Stableford – 19th April

Dawson Johnston Qualifier – 18th April

Ladies Stableford – 16th April

Mid Week Medal – 15th April

Ladies Charity Stableford 9th April

April Medal

Calcutta Cup Qualifier 11th April

Opening 4 Ball